Bears are big and they need love. 

Support us in bringing world class live music to Luton by becoming a Bear Keeper.  

This money does not pay the gas bill, or keep the bear in trendy shoes. It goes exclusively into the music programme, allowing us to bring in acts, subsidise ticket costs and most of all make it accessible to audiences, presenting free nights of music without ever asking anyone to play for nothing. 

Sign up below to get -

  • When there's standard cover charge (£5/£3conc), Bear Keepers don't pay. 
  • At least 25% off all specifically ticketed gigs, all year. 
  • 20% off private hire of the venue. 
  • 10% off the official Bear Club t-shirts. Great Ts. Great design. Sweatshop free. 
  • Finally, you get a warm fuzzy feeling about supporting independent live music in Luton. 

All of this comes with a price tag, but it's the equivalent of 3 posh cappuccinos a month.

Monthly Donation (Single)
> £8.00

Annual Donation (Single)
> £79.00

Monthly Donation (Joint)
> £13.00

Annual Donation (Joint)
> £129.00