{ A descarga, literally 'discharge' in Spanish, is an improvised jam session consisting of variations on Cuban music themes, primarily son montuno, but also guajira, bolero, guaracha and rumba. }


Starting March 6th and on the first Sunday of every month for 1 year. 

Welcome to the Luton Descarga Project.  This is an Arts Council England Project funded in collaboration with The Bear Club and The Brant Tilds Quintet. 
Brant and his quintet will be performing new music at The Bear Club once a month for the next year, and then they'll have a descarga at the end of each concert. Over the course of the 12 months, an album of live recordings will be curated from the work developed in these sessions. 
The descarga at the end of each gig is designed specifically to give advanced student and adult musicians an introduction to Latin Music.  Latin Music is music that is clave dependent, meaning that every rhythm in the music is based around the clave, even though the clave is not always playing!  So to learn to improvise in Latin Music, one must internalize the clave before playing a note. 


MARCH 6 / APRIL 3 / MAY 1 / JUNE 5 / JULY 3 / AUGUST 7 / SEPT 4 / OCT 2 / NOV 6 / DEC 4 

DOOR: 7.00PM

MUSIC: 7.30PM (ENDS 10PM) 



If you’re interested in playing with the group at the Descarga portion of the concert, please send us a message HERE